Archons are Annunaki

“You are going to see great changes between now and November”
“There have been many meetings; which were multidimensional in nature in a consortium of advanced beings addressing the disturbance in the force called Earth. There is a unified field in which we all reside and express and Earth due to its millions of souls crying out for justice, the end of tyranny and deception has been addressed. There are councils and consortiums all discussing this matter. In ancient times the last major colonies, Atlantis and Mu or Lemuria were Pleiadian in origin. If you talk with Native American Elders, South American Elders, Indonesian Elders, Hawaiian Elders and many others they all mention the Pleiadies as their ancient origins. Pleiadians have the greatest genetic stock or investment in Gaia not just human but plant and animal. They were the teraformers from long ago. There were other Star Nations that have come and gone to join in on this experiment some of which were lesser souls who hijacked the experiment.”

There are also unseen entities often referred to as Archons who also played a role in hijacking and derailing the evolution of Humanity and the Earth. These are low 4th density beings referred to as many names.” SaLuSa by Mike Quinsey / 12-October-2011

Max: I started googling “Archons” and discovered much of new material that came out very old: the writings of Gnostics. Archons and Annunaki seem to be the same thing and Gnostics explained that the dominant religion is a fallacy instilled on us by the Annunaki (Archons) for control of the masses. Surprise!

“Gnostics were deeply concerned with alien intrusion into human affairs. The entities they called Archons appear to be identical to the ET�s of modern Ufology. Both Grey and Reptilian types are explicitly described in the codices. I would estimate that up to one-fifth of the core material in the NHC concerns the Archons, their origin, methods and motives.” Lash

“Radical Gnostic heresy rejects the incarnation of Divinity in human form, and warns that the Archons, through their powers of “simulation” (HAL in Coptic) insinuate a false image of divinity into our minds.” John Lash on Nag Hammadi Library

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  1. Bob
    October 16, 2011 at 9:54 pm

    For more info on Archons, I would refer you to “Not in his Image” by John Lash and/or his website, -Bob

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      October 16, 2011 at 10:07 pm


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