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  • Reiki: Questions and answers
  • A report on “Consciousness of love” conference by Global Risings
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Reiki: questions and answers

What is Reiki healing?

Reiki is an invisible nonphysical life energy that flows through the body. Reiki healing is the art of balancing and clearing the natural flow of life energy by laying hands on the patient.

Is Reiki a kind of massage?

No. It is different from the massage because the hands are only laid on the patient, there is no pushing, no physical manipulation.

Is Reiki compatible with the religion?

Yes. Reiki is compatible with any religion since it is only about healing.

Is Reiki compatible with common medical treatments?

Yes. Reiki is compatible with any medical treatments. Balancing the energy with Reiki helps people to reduce pain, inflammation and to get better.

How long does the effect of Reiki last?

clip_image004It depends on the condition. It is common for healthy people who are living a stressful life to get Reiki treatments every 3 weeks or so. That helps them to remain healthy and to avoid accumulation of negative energies in their organs. People in critical conditions get Reiki daily to get out of the crisis faster. People with chronic pain get Reiki once or twice a week. Once you are used to receiving Reiki healing and to the healthy energy flow, you gradually learn this healthy state and how to balance your energy yourself.

How long does the treatment take?

A typical treatment takes an hour. People used to Reiki healing can be balanced faster and more efficiently. An initial visit may take 1.5 hours to allow for the mutual introductory discussion.

Does the patient have to lay down?

The treatment can be done in any position –  laying, sitting or standing. Typically Reiki is done on the massage table. Laying down in a protected quite environment helps relaxation and facilitates energy flow. I offer treatments in a Reiki room at my home practice at 129 Cobb Terrace or bring a portable bed to homes. For initial treatments, sitting down is just fine. No special clothing is required although energy is flowing much easier with free natural clothing.

Does the Reiki healer touch sexual organs?


Where do you touch?

If the patient desires so, I do treatment without touching by holding my hand in the air. It is completely all right to do touchless Reiki. Reiki energy can go through the air and through the clothing since it is nonphysical. But typically, the Reiki practice involves touching patients since the touch by a healer has healing properties, the touching adds and aids to the healing.

Why touch can be healing.

Touch is a powerful healing tool since it is an instantaneous two-way communication between the healer and the patient. The power of touch is strongly amplified by the intention of both to heal. In many cultures, touching is commonly used most of the time. People hold hands, hug and express themselves by touching. Modern Western culture lacks touching and that makes people more isolated in every way. Therefore, the touch heals the disbalances caused by loneliness.

How does Reiki work?

The nonphysical (that is not electromagnetic) life energy normally flows through the body from top to bottom. Additional entrances for the energy are in 7 major centers called chakras. The healer places hands over the chakras and an additional Reiki energy is channeled from elsewhere through the healer’s hands to a patient. In the treatment not only the physical body of the healer touches the patient but also their nonphysical ethereal bodies interact. The healer is trained to sense blockages and leakages in patient’s energy flow. This is typically manifested by active energy exchange in the area which feels as heat or tingling or soft air flow by both the healer and the patient. The healer works by placing the hands and moving them to clear the blocked energy passages and to close energy leaks. Often the energy is rebalanced and redistributed from strong areas to week ones. For much disbalanced patients multiple treatments are recommended.

What to expect from the treatment?

A Reiki treatment always brings much relaxation. Although the patients retain the ability to drive, it is not recommended to plan hard work or sports after the treatment until night sleep. For best results, it is recommended to get a sleep soon after the treatment so to strengthen new flow patterns and to restore full protection. Typically healthy people who are used to receive Reiki can retain the beneficial effects of healing for weeks. Like a talented gardener, they know how to keep their garden in good health. Those who are under stress may lose the balance sooner and may need more healing sooner.

How does Reiki heal pain?

Reiki is very efficient in healing pains that come from all kinds of disbalances: headaches, arthritis, neural inflammation, swelling, itches, aches and such. By restoring natural energy flow in ethereal body, the healer helps overall better supply of energy to the whole body and to the sick organs. By sending Reiki energy directly to painful areas the healer is often able to heal the pain and to reduce the inflammation.

Not all the illnesses can be healed.

Some illnesses have strong physical manifestation such as physical wounds or cavities in teeth. Such illnesses are called organic implying that there is a discrete physical damage in a specific organ. These are to be treated by conventional medicine first – the bones to be aligned and immobilized by a cast, tooth cavities are to be filled. Reiki can only accelerate the healing process after the physical problem is treated physically.

Therefore Reiki is not a replacement for conventional medicine in illnesses where conventional medicine performs well. Reiki serves best in such conditions where conventional medicine has little to offer – in staying healthy, in chronic pain and inflammation conditions, in relieving stress, in relieving pain that has no particular location but travels throughout the body as if looking for a place to settle. In short, Reiki is to be used as a complement to conventional medicine to restore the balance and improve the overall energy of the body.

Does the Reiki healer have a way to diagnose the illness?

Unlike conventional medicine or traditional Chinese medicine Reiki lacks many tools of diagnosis. Therefore it is not to be expected to get a detailed diagnosis from a Reiki healer. But nonetheless Reiki method includes two powerful ways of diagnosis: first, Reiki healer while laying hands at different locations on the body feels energy blockages and leaks. Sometimes negative energy feels very strongly by healer’s hands. These energy disbalances are treated by balancing and closing the leaks, so typically both the patient and the healer are able to feel the improvement by the end of the session.

Secondly, by working on the patient energies, the healer is coming in an intimate contact with the patient on a soul level and can receive important insights into the nature of illness and ways to heal it directly from the patients soul.

How is it possible for physical hands to feel and manipulate the non physical energy?

Physical hands don’t manipulate nonphysical energy. These are hands of etheric body of the healer that interact with the energy flow in thee etheric body of the patient. The etheric body typically is tightly linked to the physical body through the vibrations in their DNA and other molecular structures.

Can Reiki be harmful to the patient?

In principle it is possible but unlikely since Reiki is much more happy and positive therapy than many others. It doesn’t have side effects of drugs or surgery. It is all about restoring the balance in the energy flow and restoring the balance is always good for health. Since Reiki makes the patient more relaxed and open it is recommended to avoid hard work, television and sports until night sleep which restores full energy protection. Sometimes, Reiki improves health by releasing toxins from the body, often excessive fat tissue starts shrinking. This may be accompanied by temporary fever and accelerated discharge of toxins from the body. These expressions are light and temporary and serve to improve overall health. As with any other methods, people gradually learn how to benefit from Reiki most and allow for rest after the treatment.

Can Reiki deplete or harm the healer?

Typically no. Typically, the therapy is beneficial for both the healer and the patient. The energy for the healing comes from a higher source and not from the healer. The healer only provides hands, intention and experience to the process and Reiki energy is coming from the higher source. It is very gratifying to perform a Reiki healing.

Can Reiki heal a karmic illness?

Karmic illnesses are the ones that are chosen by the soul prior to incarnation for learning spiritual lessons. Therefore it is inappropriate for the healer to devoid the soul from the lesson it chose. If a healer treats such an illness, typically the good effect of the treatment goes away fast. Therefore I include a spiritual consultation in my therapy. Together with patients, we analyze the potential karmic reasons for their illnesses and which lessons they might learn from the illnesses. I help my patients to understand that the illnesses will go away as soon as they served their karmic purpose and the lesson is learned.

By Max Steinberg

imageimageDr. Max Steinberg is a Reiki healer and a researcher. Max is a disciple of Barbara Carlton. Max has a Ph.D. in molecular biology. He published a metaphysical book “Celestial Science” and authored several educational videos on metaphysics. Max teaches classes and lectures on spiritual energy healing. Max currently invites new Reiki patients to his private Reiki practice in Brighton. (PDF flier)


A report on “Consciousness of love” conference

image“Consciousness of love” conference in Sonnenberg Gardens on Sun, April 22 was a happy and significant event for me. It felt very happy and spiritual. Very important for me was hearing the presentation by Brian Dailey on healing powers of crystals and polycontrast energy imaging.


(Patrick, Daniel and Brian in front of polycontrast imaging screen.)

After the talk Brian invited the public to touch and feel the energy of his crystals in person. You feel the crystal’s energy by moving its pointy end over the left palm without touching it. The crystals concentrate the energy coming from the hand. Typically the right hand is thought to give away the energy and the left hand is taking the energy in. The energy flow feels as a tingling sensation within the palm, and this sensation moves as the tip of the crystal is moving over. Some crystals felt much stronger than other. It was very exciting to learn much about the crystals and to experience them first hand.

imageWe also had a chance to experiment with the polycontrast video imaging system of Brian. I am still not clear whether and how it works, but the idea is that human biofield energy is visualized by polycontrast camera and can be used for diagnosis. I can’t say I fully understand, but it looks promising.

imageSilvia Barker spoke well on power of words and names. The main message was: don’t curse even in your mind as you attract what you are speaking about and – if your name brings bad luck, change the name. It was very profound and wise.

imageArun Gandhi spoke about anger, overconsumption and poverty. The audience was full, there were nice questions too.

There were several other interesting presentations, I met wonderful people and had fun with people working in healing energy arts. It was a celebration of healing arts and spirituality.

Exciting for me was to participate in a drum session with professional drummers. It was pure fun. I was given a big drum and asked to play a sertain rhythm which was quite complex to my ear. I was scared a bit but seemed to manage producing the rhythm and was much relieved when all others joined. I discovered that most difficult is to keep drumming while someone drums out of rhythm right to your ear.

A few photos from the conference:






Coming events and classes:

Barbara Carlton’s Reiki Healing Center in Victor:

Calendar of Events and Classes.  Reiki Support Groups meets, Sunday, May 27,2012  1-4pm.   RSG meets  every second Wednesday of each month 6-8:30pm and every last Sunday of each month 1-4pm.  Karuna Reiki Group meets first Wednesday of each month 6-8:30.  Please let me know if you can come, so we know how to prepare the space. Spiritual energy healing of self and others  by Max Steinberg. Wednesday, May 30, 2012,  10-2pm, $35 Reiki II is Saturday and Sunday, June 2 & 3, 2012  $240.  Please call me if the dates do  not suit you, I am forming another class week days for a group of people that cannot make the weekend date. The next Reiki I class is Monday, June 11th 2012, in Victor, 10am – 6pm  $125. The next Reiki I class held in Prattsburgh is June 9th 2012,   10am – 6pm $125.The ‘Intro to Pendulum and Dowsing, Wednesday, June 13rd, 10:00-2:00pm,  $35 pre-registration required. Classes must be preregistered: Payment by cash, check or paypal. For more info: 585-349-3400 or 607-522-4568www.TheReikiHealingCenter.com

Max Steinberg’s lectures and classes:

Spiritual energy healing of self and others

at Reiki Center at Victor, Wed, May 30, 10AM-2PM . $35. Registration. Go beyond the doomsday prophecies of 2012 as we join Dr. Max Steinberg in search of the common ground between all teachings. This class is unusual because it includes both basic and advanced science of healing. Max Steinberg has a Ph.D. in molecular biology, authored a book “Celestial Science” and a number of videos on transdimensional science and healing. In the class max will review the research of the spiritual world, its structure and nature of our etheric bodies. Max will explain karma, karmic illnesses and healing. A relation between chakras, dimensions, densities and souls will be explained. Practical healing techniques of healing self and others will be explained and demonstrated. Be prepared to take notes, ask questions, participate in discussion and to bring up questions on specific health issues.Bring your lunch. Water is provided. Max will also be discussing topics of his book. maxsteinberg.com/

Spiritual healing 2

imageWed, June 6, 6:30 PM, Spiegel Community Center, 35 Lincoln Ave., Pittsford, NY.  A seminar by Max Steinberg, Ph.D. I will continue the discussion of spiritual healing, the spirit world, specific illnesses and specific tools of alternative medicine, energy healing, light therapy, extraterrestrial medicine based on published communications from other side. $5. Register by email (max@maxsteinberg.com) of via the meetup.

[a video of the previous Spiritual Energy Healing seminar>>

Light Works! Mystical Faire and Picnic

Psychic and Wellness Summer Fun Event on JUNE 9 2012 Sat Starting at 10 AM, Brighton Town Park 777 Westfall Rd. 10:30 Gloria from Tarot Explorations; 2pm “Spiritual Healing” by Max Steinberg. 4pm djembe drumming; Picnic starts 5pm. More info at Light Works meetup.

Come and spend Sundays with Global Risings



GR_Sundays_FlyerGuided and Silent Meditation will be facilitated by Usha Shah. This is an informal gathering and we welcome you to share anything with the group: Story telling • Poetry • Reading • Laughter • Healing • Art of Presence • Chanting • Singing • Discussion • Dealing with turbulent times
When: Sundays starting June 3, 2012. Time: 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Where: Global Risings, Inc. 1595 Elmwood Avenue Suite B (Lower Level) Rochester, NY 14620 Donations are appreciated! Questions: Please call Usha Shah at (585) 442-8141 or e-mail image




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