A channeling session: Angel Gahil, blue alien and American Indian by Jim

Angel Gahil came with a short message about energy and balance.
Lakesh, a blue alien was speaking for about 50 min.
At the end an American Indian spirit came through with a short welcome message.


Here are notes from the session made by the host, Bill Dewey of Gossamer woods:

1.  Those who are currently orbiting planet earth in spacecraft are here to help us thru the transition to the process of ascension to the 5th dimension, which is happening very slowly, as the old age of violence and control and corruption is leaving, earth changes are increasing, and we have to work hard to get past our emotions and our closed-mindedness. 

2.  They are helping to alleviate the violent weather and earth changes that usually accompany the end of an age.  The planet has flipped 180 degrees (upside down) a number of times, many thousands and millions of years ago, and that usually kills most life so as to start over again.  This time we are likely to only experience small shifts and destruction like we see in tornados, tsunamis, etc.

3.  Healing follows LIGHT, and this has been a dark, sick planet for a long time.  That will change as fast as we request more light to be brought to everyone.  Take the Reiki attunements seriously.  Use the powerful “Cho Ku Rei” symbol from Reiki II, for yourself and spread it out to the world.  (I don’t know if he was tuning into earthbound Usui Reiki, or whether the Reiki symbols are universal on other planets as well.  I suspect they are, as they affect the morphic field of the holographic patterns that we all are a part of, so there is no reason to think it may be different on other planets…Bill)

4.  Question. Are you part of a Galactic Federation? 

Answer.  NO.  There is  no political council or over-riding alliance for our entire galaxy.  There are contractual-type agreements between different space-borne cultures and planets, but no overall federation in our galaxy.  Each spacecraft and each planet has their own way of life, and don’t need alliances, which are mainly used for peace keeping on war-like planets, or for cooperating on missions to help others, such as earth is going thru now.  (I took this to be analogous to our service clubs, Red Cross, non-profit organizations, etc. who work together for the common good, but are not directly part of an overall world government…Bill)

5.  Most of the people he lives with are in 4th and higher dimensions, while living on a 3D planet.  This is our future, hard to imagine at this time with our 3D brains.  So they have bodies, although they are much finer and lighter than ours, allowing them to glide rather than walk if they want.  He has blue skin, organs and body parts similar to ours, and looks a bit like a ginger bread man!  They have houses and such but don’t need doors, as they can walk or glide right thru walls.  There are a number of customs around privacy issues, so you don’t just walk into another’s house without permission.

6.  Their planet is much larger, hence greater gravity, so an average man is about 5 feet tall.  Like us, they have 2 genders.  They rarely wear clothes, though some prefer to cover the lower half of their bodies.  They do love colored ceremonial garb, and have frequent parties and ceremonies.  Their population is in the Trillions.  They can do astral projection, so don’t need to think about travel the way we do.  They live a few hundred years. 

7.  Crime rate is nearly non-existent:  one murder in 400 years would be a serious crime wave!  This is due to always knowing other peoples’ motivations, and their intensions just by looking at them.  Like seeing the energy field around them, so you know immediately who needs help, more love, who is lying, etc.  Anger rarely gets to the point of violence.

8.  Q.  Are angels alien space people?

A.  NO.  They are part of God’s culture, and advanced way beyond humanoids.  They are around us all the time, and will help with your requests, but are not allowed to interfere with your free will.

9.  Humans on earth are attracting many other off-planet cultures at this time, some in spacecraft and others like him via telepathy or bi-location.  They love to study us (we are in a zoo, you know! …Bill), because we are so emotional, and we don’t understand each other at all, and that is so different from them, especially when you live in 4th and 5th dimensional space-time.  Telepathy is the method of communication, and since we humans are not yet any good at it, we are great subjects to study.  How do we get along as well as we do, not understanding each other at all?

10.  He is one of the more “privileged”, meaning he has earned a high level of status, allowing him to be a teacher.  Like our educational system, the more advanced students become the teachers of the beginners.  (I think this applies to all aspects of their lives…Bill)

11.  Money?  They no longer need it.  It is a relic of uneducated 3D civilizations.  Ultimately we will no longer need it.  People produce that which they love to do, and they love sharing.  In the 4th and higher dimensions there is much less need for food and shelter and transportation, so our demands for security and money for survival are interesting lessons for them to study. 

12.  There will likely be a worldwide financial market crash in our lifetime.  The present corrupt (but dying out) system leaders want to do it soon, as they control all the world’s money and financial systems, and a full crash, carefully engineered, would make all of us their slaves.  (We currently are essentially slaves to their taxation and inflation systems….Bill)  Said crash and restart of the financial system is likely to happen around our year 2027, about 14 years from now.  USA may find it very difficult, as we are so corrupt and dependent on government handouts, eating toxic food, polluting our streams, expecting constant mindless entertainment, etc.

13.  Their planet went thru ascension and had a system crash about 487 years ago.  80% of their population survived.

14.  WAR:  is inevitable with our kind of culture, so lacking the ability to communicate via telepathy means we will never understand other people’s beliefs very well.  We are all constantly mis-understanding each other.  (see my last email from Dr. James Oshman about how we have dual monologs instead of dialogs because we don’t understand each other’s paradigm.  I would ask, “Have you REALLY walked a mile in your brother’s moccasins before discussing anything?” …Bill)

15.  Learn to sense other people’s intension.  Very important to learn to understand each other if you really want peace.

16.  They have very little illness.  We bring it on ourselves with our fear, our lack of self love, our attack thoughts about others, and so on.  (In the hologram of the life-force energy we are immersed in, every thought boomerangs back to us.  You cannot hurt another without hurting yourself, and when you wish for any ill on another, you are placing that ill on your future self.  I’m not sure how he stated it, but this may be close…Bill) 

Locations like Gossamer Wood will become the hospitals in the new age, teaching people to heal themselves by modifying the hologram of the morphic field thru their intensions and beliefs.  Your current conscious decisions control your future health.

17.  Q.  How to get thru the upcoming crash easier?

A.  Watch crop circles.  They are tonal algorithms (google it—usually involving computer programs affecting music or photography—we need to study this a bit more…Bill) and are sending us coded ideas to watch out for.  Also study the new info on the internet.  It was given to us to share information for the new age, but many are using it as an excuse to just consume time by twittering with meaningless gossip instead of the available info about how to get along with each other in a better manner.

18.  Q.  Who built the pyramids?

A.  Our people are not yet ready to discuss that!   (Engineering studies have shown that we don’t yet understand the technology that makes stone float in air, a requirement.  Given unlimited time and money and no restrictions, the best of the engineers can’t figure out how to get the capstone in place.  Forget the ramps and the slaves you learned about in school.  Think about it.  How to set a perfectly rectangular pyramid on top of a huge tall structure without damaging or scratching it, when the sides are polished and steeply sloped, and you are not allowed any handholds or lifting holes in it?  On that topic, do you know the capstone weighed many thousands of pounds, was gold plated, and made a perfect surveyor’s tool?  The solar reflection off the south face of the capstone, made a triangle of light that swept across the desert every day, and as the sun went higher and lower in the sky as a function of the seasons, you could locate any place if you knew the time.  Or, when you learned the time, you could find your location.  A perfect solar compass and clock!  And for one second, at noon on June 21 every year, the north face flashed into sunlight giving you a perfect annual clock correction!  Clever?  Built by ignorant slaves?  Hmmm…Bill)

19.  TIME:  there are 4 kinds or versions of it.  We only understand linear time, as our 3D brains are designed that way, to understand past, present and future as sequential.  There is also CHAOTIC time, CIRCULAR time, and FOLDED time.  (Einstein referred briefly to these, and many other forward thinkers believe our concept of time is way too simple! …Bill)

20.  Send light inward and outward, as it heals everyone.  Light (love) overcomes fear.

Before the session closed, another being came thru Jim briefly:  ‘Said he is a local Native Indian, and has been on the sacred Gossamer Wood land for hundreds of years.  Welcome to all of you who bring peace here.  (I suspect this is the “Chief”, a deceased, former shaman, who is often present in my treatment room during BodyTalk sessions.  Many psychics have said that there is protection, safety and healing on this land like no where else…Bill)

End of session.