I stepped away from Judaism and Christianity to polytheism for few years but now I am back because of what I learned from aliens, spiritual beings and an angel. Most convincing for me was a channeled book by Robert Shapiro: The Explorer Race and Jesus. Also very convincing for me was speaking to an angel. Now my understanding is that much of what is said in Torah, Bible, by Jesus, of Jesus and by religious texts of other religions – much of that is true, but it is misused for damaging humanity. But now I respect the truth in the religious teachings. 

It is a question of perception and interpretation. Does a piece of knowledge become untrue only because it is misused? Let me think of an example. Here is a good one. Humans learned how to genetically modify organisms and now misuse this for making profit. Does it mean that genetic knowledge is untrue? Not really. The genetic knowledge is still true but it is misused. Same with theology. I conclude that much of the theology is true but it is misused.

I have always spoke and served to God one way or another, it is just my way of speaking and serving evolves. I will post my new prayer here, to illustrate my current way of serving:

My dear Creator, my friend and my brother. I am you, my blood is yours. Think of me. Think of me as of your mirror. Smile with me and dance with me. We are one. I am embracing the veil of my forgetfulness so you could experience my life through me. Make it worth the pain. Help me quiet the noise, and to tune in to a higher tune. Help me play the notes which would be worth your attention, help me play best melodies of my life. I enjoy working with you side by side, creating miracles from dirt every now and then. My brother Creator, play your miraculous part and lets make it a worthy performance! In quiet tenderness I find highest enjoyment. Enjoy it with me! Use your magic to help me building your shrine, bidding your bids, planting your seeds. Give us a bit of luck and dance with us as we dance for you. We are your sisters and brothers doing our best and enjoying the flavors of your creation. Be with us and we will reflect to you best of yourself. Be with us as we are dancing reaching high, be with us as we are falling low, for your name is inscribed in our hearts. We are you, our brother, our friend, we are you, the one, and we are in love.