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    December 30, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    Hi Brother, I would like to thank you for your clear explanation of soul incarnation, therefore the reason to experience the physical life. I would like to add one little thing to this important topic, in my humble opinion, can be passed to the public. There are, according to all living Masters, two important conditions for the experiencing soul to merge with the Source (Many other names were given to this in different times), or our true Self. My Master usually calls this Unconditional Commpassion and Love. The conditions are: 1) To practice the universal laws or keeping the Commandments; 2) Get initiation and practice sincerely, the Light and Sound method of meditation. Without these two conditions the soul will not be able to reach its Home level. So when we give information to the public it would be beneficial for us and for them to know that individuals must at least, keep the basic laws, like not killing (including the animals). If someone talks about Love and Light and then carryies on eating animals, for sure cannot get out of the so called ‘wheel of 84’ or countless incarnations. I am sorry if i put it plainly but this point is always missed. As far as the initiation is concernrd, Living Masters always been denied when they were alive and after they were either killed, humiliated, critisised or died people used their name to form a religion. But the fact is we must catch these messengers from the Source so that they can lead us back, like a Guide. So initiation by the Guide when they are in physical body is very logical. Guides, Messengers or Masters are always available, doing their unconditional work and they do not care if public appriciate or not. But our duty is to let people know their exsistance and work with them so more souls reach their destination by understanding their true Self by practice. This way will benefit all beings of the universe in their journey back to the Source without creating new Karma.
    Take care and God Bless
    G. Manuelyan

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