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Celestial Science    (down to ordering)  

by Max Steinberg, Ph.D.


This is a textbook of Modern Metaphysics, the Wisdom of Love and Light, the emerging Science of the New Age, the Celestial Science. It is a systematic overview of the channeled messages of Bashar, Ra, Seth, Pleiadians, Sirians and other entities from higher densities. Key concepts of the New Paradigm are spelled out and explained such as reincarnation, life lessons, Higher Self, and ultimately, The Shift, which is in essence the Spiritual Upgrade of our species which is happening now and will  continue far beyond 2012. The key manifestation of this Upgrade is the emergence of the Indigo Generation, the human-alien hybrid starseeds. Discussed in detail are the roles and agenda of various extraterrestrial races and celestial beings, the nature of the God Force and the structure of the Higher Realms. The implications of this new knowledge for today’s science and religion are highlighted across the book to help the reader to transform and integrate old beliefs with the emerging Celestial Science.

1. Star children

I introduce the alien abduction phenomenon, discuss possible purposes of the hybridization program, our ways to help the abductees, and possible involvement of the hybrids on our future.
2. Our future
I discuss possible scenarios of our future, involvement of different associations of star people, peculiarities of exopolitical workings as can be seen from channelings and reports of contactees. I highlight possible involvement of humans in the process and possible ways for individuals in participating in formation of their future.
3. Transformation of religion
I discuss main commonalities and differences between the religion and the channeled messages focusing on cosmology of the Bible. I refer to Blavatsky Kabbalah and Hinduism in explaining how Western mainstream worldview deviated from truths about God and lessons of souls in the physical world.
4. Reincarnation
I analyze how the ideas of reincarnation and of using physical world for schooling of the souls are distorted in the religion
5. Higher Self
I investigate the concept of Higher Self and its relation to concepts of Ego Mind, Soul and Oversoul.

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“I found it fascinating and it tied many bits of random information together for me. I have little doubt that OmniHumanity has been and continues to be “visited.” I also find it highly probable that we are “engineered” to fit within our environment and that we are but “receptacles” for souls. Sadly, the Ruling Elite among our human brothers and sisters have hidden the truth from us over many millennia – behind veils of false religion, false politics, false reality… to manipulate the herd for their own selfish ends. Doubtless, they have been joined in their efforts by some “outsiders” who live off of fear and misery generated in the masses…” Robert, USA, 11/29/2011

“Hi Max:  I have just finished your book.  It was amazing.  I plan to buy a couple to give them as Christmas presents.  Your book is like a compilation of everything that I have read and conferences attended during the last 30 years of life.  The mention of Bashar was new to me.  He seems to be a very reliable channel (300 years ahead of our time).  I’d like to read more of his messages.  Got on his website and everything he has (mostly CD’s) cost money. It would be nice to have a time-line of the last 26,000 of Earth History.  One thing you spoke in your book that I had no notion of and it was extremely hard to understand was the “strange way how souls were created”.  That was a hard subject to understand as is the Higher Self, Mind, soul and Spirit.  However I must say that you do a great job explaining them. One of the best thing your book or text-book has is that you reference everything so that the reader can further investigates the subject matter.I would like to keep in touch with the videos you do and one more time I am very grateful to have read your book.  It is certainly a KEEPER! Namaste,Silvie” USA, 11/28/2011


Topics: Our Secret History – The Disclosure – 2012 and Beyond – The Shift – Dimensions – Densities – Spirituality – Metaphysics – Esoterics – Star Children – Alien Abductions – Hybrids – Transformation – of Religion – The Nature – of God Force – Synchronicities – Higher Mind

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